Agent P: Rebel Spy

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About Agent P: Rebel Spy

Agent P: Rebel Spy is a game adapted from the famous cartoon movie the platypus perry. This is a special point that makes the game more attractive

In the movie, Perry is a platypus. He lives like a real platypus in a house. His main job is as an undercover spy. He is a man who specializes in saving the world. His deeds are always secret and no one knows.

Explore the game

Start the game

The death war will begin. Infiltrate it and find our lost agents. Get help from a veteran spy. Listen to his instructions. He will give you the right steps. His tips:

  • Jump towards the wall to attack it.
  • Steal a stormtrooper's blaster when close enough. Press again
  • You need to drop your weapon before jumping on the wall
  • Don't touch the vibro-tubes or will you get zapped
  • The electro staff will protect you from normtrooper'blasts
  • Rescue an agent frozen in carbonite to unlock the door
  • Try throwing the electrostaff at enemies

Platypus special ability

The platypus has a special support device that is a bar magnet that can attract enemy weapons from a certain distance. Use it to steal weapons from enemies and use it to destroy them.


  • Left and right arrow keys to move
  • Arrow up to jump, double to jump higher
  • Down arrow to drop the weapon
  • Space bar to use a magnet