Baby Cathy Ep34: Cute Mermaid

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About Baby Cathy Ep34: Cute Mermaid

Baby Cathy Ep34: Cute Mermaid is a game about a little girl Cathy with a dream of becoming a mermaid. The little fairy helps to make her dream come true.

Children will always love to dream. What dreams might boys have? It can be dreams with cars, becoming superheroes, heroes, dreams of doctors, pilots of airplanes,... And our girls can be to become chefs, pretty princesses, or also beautiful mermaids. What kind of dream will Cathy have? Very curious. Let's explore!

Learn the game

Four levels with different steps:

Step 1:

When the fairy appeared in the dream. Baby Cathy was sleeping when a dream about a fairy appeared. Let's see what her dream has.
It's an old fairy tale with unfinished pieces. Help the little girl see her fairy. Wait for the fairy puzzle pieces to run by and click at the right time when the puzzle pieces are in the right place. Once we have finished the sections we will have a cute fairy with the fantasy fairy created we will start Cathy's story.

The fairy flew out of the dream and woke our Cathy. But she slept too soundly. Complete a mini-game to wake up Cathy. With a small distorted triangle, return it to the pattern. When it's done, Cathy transforms into the mermaid of her magical dreams in a beautiful blue mermaid suit.

Step 2:

There are many other mermaid costumes and accessories. Cathy will become more different with ways to combine these outfits. Cathy was able to become a beautiful little mermaid.

Step 3:

A turtle suddenly ran over and asked Cathy for help. A lot of sea animals are in danger. Follow the little green turtle to save them.

Step 4:

Humans are destroying nature and marine life. They are controlling the ship to continuously drop toxic bombs into the sea to kill sea creatures. Give them back those bombs. That is the consequence that the householder has to suffer when he is cruel to these lovely animals.

Your marine guardian job is done. The creatures will know your help. You will always be their companion. They will trust you and become your friend. Cathy's dream is over. This is when the game is over. Congratulations on your excellent completion!


Control the mouse to help Cathy fulfill her dream.