Castle of Magic

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About Castle of Magic

We are confident that you will adore Castle of Magic from beginning to end, just as we did, which is why we made sure to share it with you right now. This game is a new side-scrolling adventure game with wizards, monsters, spells, and other fantasy-themed elements.

Come along for a journey through the Castle of Magic!

If you're playing on a computer or a mouse directly on the screen or on buttons, you can move, attack, cast spells, crouch, or interact in your adventure. If you're playing on a phone or tablet, you tap on the screen to interact. As you attempt to travel to a total of five magical kingdoms, you will be able to perform spell casting, animal transformation, flying, sliding, and other actions. In each kingdom, you will encounter a variety of enemies, traps, and obstacles that you must avoid or overcome.

Obstacles will appear in Castle Of Magic

In this amazing adventure, not only the evil witch has kidnapped your friend, you will face many other enemies as well. Purple monsters, and treacherous terrain will constantly make it difficult for you to rescue your friend. However, don't worry too much! You can destroy these monsters by attacking or jumping on them. Also, there is always a chance that you could die, so learn more attacks, increase your inventory, and make sure to try again in case you do. Along the way, don't forget to collect diamonds as well as see hints from the magic books. They will be of great help to you! Invite your friends over as well, they might enjoy what they discover here. We hope you enjoy playing more of our daily games.

Some truths about Castle Of Magic

This is a fascinating game that attracts many gamers by various different aspects. Let's discover what makes this game so special and impressive to the players!

Fascinating storyline of the game

The game is about two characters - aboy and a girl who crashed their video game and decided to find another activity. By chance, they found a treasure chest. However, when opening this chest, there appears a magic hat that transports them to a strange but magical world. The boy becomes a magician with all kinds of magic, while the girl is taken away by the witch. To save his friend, the boy needs to go through a total of 5 worlds and then defeat the other wizard. Can you accompany the boy and save his friend?

You can transform into different characters

In Castle Of Magic, every time you collect transformation gems, your character has the opportunity to transform into different characters with different skills. Sometimes, he can become a red mage and use magic to destroy the monsters in the game. Sometimes, he can also transform into a hunter and use a bow and arrow as his main weapon. Castle Of Magic is definitely one of the best action games like Super Mario Bros. However, besides these games, we can also provide players with many other interesting games like Sonic exe, and Super Rainbow Friends. Check them out!

How to control

  • Use the mouse or spacebar to attack.
  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to move.