Darkmaster and Lightmaiden

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About Darkmaster and Lightmaiden

Prepare to see the unusual bond between two disparate characters in Darkmaster and Lightmaiden. These supernatural beings are stuck in a difficult situation, and they need your assistance to get out. Can you get through each level by overcoming challenges along the way?

A thrilling journey awaits you in this game, which has 15 levels for you to complete. Your goal is straightforward. At the level's conclusion, you should lead both characters to the proper doors. Your two characters are Lightmaiden and Darkmaster, respectively. The dark character can walk through dark puddles, and the light character can do the same for light puddles because each of these characters is immune to puddles in the color of their alignment. There are various puzzles in each level. To solve these, you must employ both of the characters. By using the same keyboard, you can play the game either by yourself or with another player. Try to gather every flame. The exit door won't be accessible to your characters until that point. Have fun and good luck!


  • Exciting cooperative platform game with action for two players.
  • Funny 2D graphics with a lot of barriers and traps
  • Gather enigmatic light orbs to make it out alive.
  • Complete up to 15 distinct, entertaining levels.
  • To successfully complete your mission, solve challenging puzzles.


To navigate, press the left and right arrow keys. To switch between characters, press the SPACE BAR key. Jump using the up arrow, and use objects like levers by pressing the E key.