Dinosaur Park

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About Dinosaur Park

A prehistoric zoo management game is called Dinosaur Park. It's a sensation: Scientists have successfully revived dinosaurs! It's now up to a shrewd businessman like yourself to create a dinosaur zoo out of this treasure trove of extinct creatures!

Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo's baby dinos emerge from their eggs and immediately begin exploring their surroundings. So be sure to construct suitable enclosures and furnish them as soon as possible with feeding troughs, water, and playthings! Because a happy dinosaur is a harmless dinosaur, take care of your dinosaurs and keep them amused. What other options are there in this dinosaur game?

Create dinosaurs of all ages.

Feed and water prehistoric animals, then engage them in play.

Use your own designs to decorate the park.

Establish shops for your guests.

Employ staff to assist you with day-to-day operations.