Drift F1

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About Drift F1

A drifting vehicle game called Drift F1 is based on the Formula One racetrack. Press the button to steer your car, drift through challenging turns, and top the leaderboard.

To complete the level, you must drive your car through narrow turns and over uneven terrain. Unlock increasingly challenging maps by collecting coins, investing in vehicle upgrades, and winning the game. Each car and each map has a unique set of features.

Timing the point to turn is a strategy for winning the game. There will be challenging sections in Drift F1, but you can get better at it by playing it more and more. Because each platform is unique in its narrowness, turning requires precise judgment.

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Play Drift F1

How to play

In this game, you will have to control the car to complete the given distance. Your task is to overcome the obstacles and complete the track with the highest score. You move on a very slippery road. Therefore, you have to align perfectly so you don't slip off the track. If you let your car slide off the track you lose instantly. Every turn lane is one time you face danger. Use your driving skills and conquer difficulties.

To drive the car, all you have to do is click to move left or right and let go of the button to move forward.

The leaderboard

This drifting game has worldwide leaderboards. They present the ranks, names, and scores of top players from all over the world. They are updated daily, weekly, and monthly. After completing a level, you can enter your name and then click the Submit button to save your score. Then, your score will be shown on the leaderboards. Do your best to gain the highest possible score to get a high rank on the leaderboards.

Play with your favorite car

In this game, you are provided with eight cars with eye-catching designs. They are a sedan, two pickup trucks, a police car, a fire truck, an ice cream van, an ambulance, and an SUV. At the start of the game, there is only one sedan. You collect coins along the way to unlock the termite cars. Each car has a different price and function. Collect coins and unlock your favorite umbrellas.

Conquer tracks in this game

You will have the opportunity to drive through the countless roads of the game. The tracks will have increasing difficulty according to your level. The next track will be opened automatically when you complete the track before it. In the early levels, the game is quite simple when you just need to complete the tracks with a few turns. At higher levels, new challenges really come. You will have to control the car through many continuous turns. Every time you make a turn, your car will slip, making it easy to fly down the cliff. You have to have great skills to keep the car on track. Are you ready for these challenges? Play and show off your driving skills.