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About Dynamons

In Dynamons, you can use your magical teammates to win every game! Despite the fact that you are in the middle of a mysterious island and must overcome many obstacles, you are fortunate to have company. Use your Dynamons to battle your way to freedom!

In this fighting simulation game, you can use your magical support creatures, called Dynamons, to attack every enemy. In fact, you can persuade your adversaries to join your team as your allies. You will face numerous different Dynamons as you advance through the island by following the directions. You can use the unique abilities of the Dynamon you previously selected to combat the opponent. You can also use a special feature to capture an enemy after you've successfully overcome them and add them to your team. You will be able to unlock new abilities or even upgrade your Dynamons after completing each challenge. For better gameplay, be sure to occasionally unlock new items and buy new shards or gold from the store!


  • Stunning 2D graphics
  • Things and in-game money to purchase
  • Character traits that can be changed
  • Several levels to complete