Fish Eat Fish 3 Players

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Some great information about Fish Eat Fish 3 Players

Participate in Fish Eat Fish 3 Players to discover the underwater environment of fish. Control your fish to consume lots of small fish and grow up.

It is your responsibility to help the fish to develop by eating fish that are smaller than your fish or fish the same size as your fish. Then, you get bigger when you consume a lot of fish. You also need to avoid all the larger fish than you. Only when you are large enough can you clean them up. In this game, try your best to become the largest predatory fish and dominate the seas. You can consume all of the fish you want if you are a huge fish.

What's more interesting, you can compete with three people. So, invite your friends to join the game. Both of you will control your character on the same device. If you want to play other games with your friends, you can play Freefall Tournament, Bad Ice Cream, and Sonic exe.

How to control

Player 1: Use the WASD to move.

Player 2: Use the arrow keys to move.

Player 3: Use the mouse to move.