Frankenstein Go

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About Frankenstein Go

How the game works

Frankenstein Go wanted to save his girlfriend, but in order to do so, he had to solve tricky puzzles and defeat dangerous foes. Climb the stairs, jump over the obstacles, and open the door to move to the next level. On his journey, he'll meet a lot of people who will help him save his girlfriend if he helps them find things they've lost. Once you give them back what you stole, they will probably give you the key, which will open many locked doors to study. Collect magic on your journey and Frankenstein will get a great new look to show off to his girlfriend.

Are you ready to help Frankenstein and go on the worst adventure this year, which is also the best?

What to do

You can move by pressing the left/right arrow keys or by touching the left/right shot. Climb the stairs and solve the puzzles automatically to move to the next level. You can also buy Frankenstein when it was new, if you are a drug collector.