Free Birds

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About Free Birds

Free Birds is an archery game to free the birds. The poor birds are being kept in tiny cages. Freeing them is your mission in this simple game.

These little creatures, they are used to living freely in nature. They will feel sad and uncomfortable when locked up. Be a friend of nature. Protect them, return them to the wild. Life becomes better when we do good deeds every day. The first good job is to save the birds. Too easy!

Methods to save the birds

Shoot arrows at the target

Aim accurately at the rope on the cage and shoot. When the rope is broken, the cage will fall, the cage will pop out and the little bird will escape. At each level, there will be many sub-levels. Completing the mini levels you will complete this level.

At the next level, the number of cages and birds in the cage will increase. The birds are also more diverse and colorful. The position of the cages also changes continuously through each level. Some cages will be in quite high positions and are hidden. You can rotate 360 degrees and choose the position for your bow. If you miss 4 times in a level you lose.

Tips in the game

Higher levels will have some minor support. Those are round arrow icons. Let's shoot at it. It will create another arrow that shoots exactly at the rope of the cage in the same direction as the arrow in this symbol. That will speed up the process of saving your birds.

The birds are full of energy and come out when they are released. They look so happy. Did you feel that? We hope you can be full of energy in each of our games. We will feel love and this life.


Click, drag, and drop when you want to shoot at the rope.