Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser

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About Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser

Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser is a flexible and good-skill game. The search will officially start. Use your sharp eyes to complete the levels excellently.

The most important point of the game and helping you win is that you have to find items hidden in the given scenery. There are not too many objects in a round. Therefore, try to focus to be able to find them quickly.

Tips in the game

Detective game can be started

  • At each level you will be given a certain amount of time to complete, so you must always pay attention and be careful. After each wrong click, you will be deducted a large amount of time, consider carefully before clicking is essential.
  • You can get assistance after each ad, if you can't find that item.
  • Create a larger screen so that finding objects becomes easier.

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Use mice to find objects and become a talented detective. Hurry up so as not to be left after each level