Knight Rider

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About Knight Rider

Knight Rider is a moto racing game. Our main character is adapted from the famous speed ghost movie. The game is relatively difficult to control. Let's try it.

If you have ever seen the movie speed ghost, you will surely remember the character running a motorbike. A character with a skeleton body and a fiery skull. In this game, we will also control a similar character. Start becoming a superbike rider with street stunts.

Discover your motorcycle racing skills

Racing practice

Moving is one of the most complex jobs we need to get used to. For motorcycles, the engine is quite powerful, fast, and extremely responsive. You just need to gently press the accelerator, the motorbike has run very far. The road always allows you to move forward and can go back whenever you want to gain momentum to run to higher places. Be careful when moving, your motorcycle can easily be picked up and blown up.

The plot of the game

As the idea from the original movie, it's a long way to fight evil. Try to pass the levels. Upgrade your motorbike. We tested a lot in this game before sharing it with you. You may find it difficult to get used to the first stage and the motorcycle will explode continuously. But don't give up. You will become more skilled if you try.


Use ASWD keys or Arrow keys to move