Lava Boy and Water Girl

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About Lava Boy and Water Girl

Lava Boy and Water Girl is a game about fire and water characters. You need to help two characters to overcome dangerous obstacles and collect all gems.

Released in different versions. Gained a massive fan following and participation from many players around the world. We found the game extremely engaging. The high attraction in the game has created a global fever. You guys have embraced our games. We will try to share more games with you.

Adventure through the maps in-game

Learn the maps in the game

In the game, there is a water character that will correspond to blue and a fire character that will correspond to red. In the maps, there will be pits containing blue water, others red water. Simply put, the red fire character will not be able to survive in the blue water solution and vice versa.

The same goes for collectible items. Red diamonds can only be collected by the fire character and vice versa. There will be many other thorny pitfalls waiting for our 2 characters. Please help them complete their work.

Play friends in the game

This method should be the top recommended. Because in the game, we will have 2 characters to control. If 1 player will have to control 2 characters. The risk will be quite high. They are a close couple and are always together. If one character dies, the other character will also lose. So if we play together with another player, each character will be controlled by one player. This is the most optimal tip so that 2 characters can support each other to quickly complete the game.


  • Player 1: Use arrow keys to move the water character
  • Player 2: Use ASWD keys to move the fire character