Nano War

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About Nano War

Nano War is a war between cells. A lot of bad cells are in a large, massive body. They will attack the green cells that protect the host body.

There are thousands of cells in the human body that live with each other. In these thousands of cells, there will be the first parent cell, which is also the cell that gives rise to thousands of other cells. After a period of development, there will be countless other bad cells that want to take over. And many forces of the mother cell fight fiercely. The battle will take place!

How to play Nano War?

Cell cloning

You will be the one to control the green cells to participate in several battles and drive away the bad red cells. They will grow stronger and stronger as the body's protective green cells become weaker and weaker. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial to clone green cells to make them grow the most. We must protect the parts:

  • Stomach
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Brain

There will be colorless neutral cells. Take possession of them and the number of green cells will multiply quickly. Besides, do not forget to protect the green cells from the attack of red cells.

End quickly

The higher the level, the more red cells will spread faster and more widely. Occupying as many neutral cells as possible in your favor. Besides, we should have a combination of many green cells and have timely total attack strategies. Attack the red main tiles so they are quickly destroyed and end the battle before they grow stronger.

The battle to rebalance the cells in the body is going on fiercely. Winning or losing against full-scale and local resistance is up to your strategy. Keep the mental puddle to the finish line.


Control the mouse to clone cells, and create total attacks to win