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About Nerdle

Math nerds will be challenged by the addictive puzzle game Nerdle. Within 6 tries, locate a hidden calculation that consists of 8 characters.

A British data scientist named Richard Mann created this game. He decided to make this game because his daughter, who is 14 years old, requested a math equivalent of Wordle. Surprisingly, it has attracted the attention of numerous players from all over the world since it was released. They share the game with their friends and tweet their results. Why is this game so popular with players? Play it now to learn more about its intriguing features.

Difficult gameplay

Your goal in this game is to correctly guess an 8-character hidden calculation. The possible characters are 0123456789+-*/=. Additionally, you need to put them in a predictable order. Before calculating addition and subtraction, multiply and divide. Keep in mind that the equal symbol must be followed by an integer in the equation. Try your hardest to guess the right equation in less than six tries. Once the grid is full and you are unable to locate the desired math equation, you will lose the game.

The colors of the tiles not only indicate how closely your guess matched the intended equation, but they also make winning the game simple. The color of the tiles will change when you correctly guess the equation. It's not the target equation, according to the gray tile. As a result, you shouldn't enter the numbers in the gray tiles again. If not, the yellow tile will indicate that it is in the secret equation but in the incorrect place. The following equation can use it, but you should put it somewhere else. The tile fits there if it is green, to sum it up. To quickly decipher the hidden math equation, consider the tile colors. Get a leg up!

This game has a statistics board that displays the total number of games played, wins, winning percentage, and longest winning streak. Keep in mind that if you lose the game at any point, the maximum streak will end and go back to 0. Therefore, you need to exercise caution. Do your best to achieve the longest streak possible and let your friends know about it.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to choose the numbers.