Noob Vs Zombie

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Engaging gameplay of Noob Vs Zombie

It is time to participate in thrilling battles in Noob Vs Zombie. Play as Noob and fight against zombies to earn as many gold coins as possible.

Zombies are invading the world. Be quick to grab your weapon and battle with them now. You must run and kill all zombies and skeleton archers along the way. You will be rewarded with 10 coins after eliminating a rival. Try to kill as many opponents as possible to gain a lot of coins. Besides, you also need to remember that you have 5 lives. You will lose a life if you get hit by your enemies. Therefore, you need to be careful. Try to stay away from them while you attack them. Your objective is to reach the destination to move to the next level. Do your best to meet your goal.

The shop in this game sells many weapons. Use the coins you earn to purchase them. If you are fond of this game, why don't you take a look at Vampire Survivors, Moon Clash Heroes, Sonic exe, and Shell Shockers on our website?

How to control


Press Arrow Keys to move and jump.

Press the Spacebar or an X key to attack


Tap the buttons on the screen.