Prehistoric Shark

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About Prehistoric Shark

Prehistoric Shark is a real life game genre with dangerous meat eating species outside the distant ocean, dangerous species from the primitive era such as dinosaurs. There is a safe lesson when on the water. How can you imagine this addictive killing?

For a long time, it was thought that the dinosaur's age had ended due to meteorites or ice. Do you think the dinosaur disappears from the earth's surface due to the collision of a giant meteorite? This game proves scientifically that the reason is really different and a particularly ferocious shark is responsible for their completely destroyed! Play one of these sharks in this fast -paced action game and kill everything indiscriminately, whether under water or in the air.

The official story is a retired dinosaur because of a giant meteorite. But that's not true. They were actually wiped out by the murder of sharks equipped with teeth and ready to do anything necessary to cause the massacre. Prehistoric Shark takes you to control this shark, with the purpose of destroying the as many dinosaurs and prehistorists as possible. The game has a crazy pace, many types of fireworks and many bloody effects.

Control Prehistoric Shark

To control Prehistoric Shark you need to use arrow keys to move. Use Control or A key to attack. How to control this game is quite simple, you do not need too many operations to play.