Raccoon Retail

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About Raccoon Retail

Raccoon Retail is a game that controls a fruit suction car in the supermarket. In the game, you will act as a cute animal. Try to clean the best supermarket.

A beautiful clean supermarket will be a destination for many loyal customers. You will be the one who keeps this best space. The environment will easily be polluted when not receiving support from elite workers like you.

The rules of the game

Anywhere have garbage. Your character is a raccoon who controls a large vacuum cleaner. Go to all the corners of the supermarket and collect waste on the ground. Scattered fruits will make your supermarket seriously degraded. So gather them in the trash there.

After gathering a lot of fruits, you will have more costs to open more shelves and many other products. Quick business expansion. Be enthusiastic at work. Join hands to protect the living environment. Maybe someday you can be promoted and become a manager!


  • PC and Laptop

Control with ASWD keys or arrow keys on the keyboard.

  • Other smart devices

Press directly on the screen