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About Rummikub

Rummikub is a classic card game. The gameplay in Rummikub and Mahjong is quite similar. But most are also quite complicated. Let's try to find out!

Rummikub was born to a Jewish inventor. The gameplay will be extremely complicated and not easy to get used to quickly. We've tested a lot and can guide you through the basics. You can learn more about the game when you play it.

How to play Rummikub?

Game Rules

The game can be played by 2-4 players. Each player will receive the first 14 cards. Your initial combination (first move) must be worth 30 points or more. If you do not reach 30 points, you will not be able to make the first move and will have to receive another card from the chessboard.

After making the first moves you can make other moves and can arrange the cards on your opponent's table. The range can be above or below 30 points optional. It is possible to go from 3-4 chess pieces with bronze wall points but different colors or the same color. Another method is to continue playing cards with increasing points but of the same color.

Joker cards

If the cards you receive have a red or black joker, you can use it to move to the next move. These Joker cards will be the most profitable cards to help you easily get the win. Discover the hidden rules of the deck. You will notice your IQ increase rapidly.

Understanding the rules inside the cards will create a stronger belief for you. We are sure you can win against all the players on the board. Be confident in your own abilities. Good luck!

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Use the mouse to control the cards