Runaway Toad

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About Runaway Toad

Runaway Toad is a game about a toad. Whether rain or sun, day or night, this toad still runs to escape his fate and become an independent and free toad.

The fairy tale about a princess, in a high castle, kissed many toads to find her charming prince. After seeing the fate from the toads in the castle, it looks like white mice in the test of waiting for the princess to give the kiss. Toad just wants to make toads, not living in the castle (no matter how tall it is). Therefore, the toad did the only thing that could be done: escaping there. This chase will last for how long. And whether or not the escape is successful or not in your skillful hands.

Discover the surrounding mysteries and stay away from all dangerous pitfalls in the darkness of the dead swamp, complete the food chain of your insects to maintain the energy for the upstream journey to the finish line.

Tip for Runaway Toad

Beware of light spots, owls and other dangers. You may be arrested and return to the castle whenever you lose your vigilance! Good luck!


  • Images and sounds create a shaded and blurry swamp
  • Interesting thrilling chasing rhythm
  • Many secrets to explore
  • Healthy game suitable for all ages


  • PC or Laptop

Click to dance
Press and hold the left mouse for further jump
Press and pull the left mouse mouse towards the prey to eat them

  • Smart Mobile

Swipe Toward A Bug to Catch It
Tap for little hop
Hold for Big Jump