Ski Slopes

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Some fantastic information about Ski Slopes

If you want to experience skiing and control a snowman, join Ski Slopes. You must move your character, avoid obstacles, and collect lots of yellow circles.

You will gain more skiing experience when playing this game. The lovely, snow-covered alpine space will surround you. You must guide the snowman to help it pass a variety of obstacles on the pathway made of snow and ice. In addition, your path is blocked by numerous bundles of logs. You will also experience horrible blizzards that will drown you if you trip. You will not survive if you are coated in snow. Moreover, some monsters will make the game harder. You must jump over the snowy monsters so that you can land on the monster's head and kill it. You will receive many scores once you have eliminated them. Make an effort to get the highest points.

Like Sonic exe, Relic Runway, and Skate Hooligans, you must meet another mission which is to collect more yellow circles. You can use them to change your character and boost jump power and backflip power.

How to play

Use the spacebar or the left mouse to jump and create some tricks.