Superspin io

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About Superspin io

The fidget spinner craze has spread to Io Games, so today in these two categories we are offering you all a very special game, Superspin io, which we recommend to all of you because we know you can have a lot of fun playing a multiplayer fidget spinner game. It's wonderful, right? Fidget spinner-loving kids play it. Playing this game with individuals from around the world, be careful not to damage yourself.

How to play

First, give your spinner a name, and then click the Play button.

In this game, you'll be in charge of a fidget spinner and have to move it around the screen to collect prizes that will make it better, bigger, faster, and stronger. It is not easy because there is a lot of work to do and a lot of people who want to hurt you.

You'll be playing with people from all over the world, so be careful not to hurt yourself. If you hit another fidget spinner, you'll be killed and the game will be over. You have to start over, and you'll lose everything you've done so far.

If that happens, don't give up.Just give it another shot, and I'm sure the results will be far better this time. If you like fidget spinners, this new skill game on our site is sure to be fun for you. In the game, points are important, so do your best to get as many as you can before the end if you want to be in the top.

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Jetti Games created this and Worm.io.


  • Graphics in two dimensions
  • Multiplayer online gameplay
  • Simple controls
  • 30 distinct skins for the spinner are available for selection


Move the map with your mouse. Boost with the left mouse button or space bar.