Tie Dye

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About Tie Dye

Tie Dye is a fabric dyeing game. You can design fashion clothes in your style. With your favorite color, they will be extremely unique and pretty.

Everyone will have a different tastes in fashion. You can go shopping for yourself new clothes at shopping malls. But it won't give you much enjoyment. When you create a shirt for yourself, you will feel very loved the shirt.

Info from the game

Your customer

You will be the owner of a dyeing shop. Your customers are extremely diverse. There will be customers with white skin, tall figures, and vice versa. Their outfits will not be the same. Help them get the clothes they want. The color you choose is suitable for their skin tone. Try dyeing some clothes.

Steps to dye fabric in the game
Different styles of clothing will create different effects. In the game, there are many genres such as dresses, tops, loose skirts, and pants, ... the dyeing process will also have a few different steps:

  • Select an item
  • Select folding
  • Choose the method of wrapping
  • Choose color
  • Soak the fabric with the solution
  • Get the product and look at the pattern on my shirt
  • Insert symbols and decorative symbols on the shirt

The patterns and colors will be surprisingly beautiful when dyed. Hope you will like them. We will share with you other selected games on our site:

Color can do it all. What we do is make a bland product come alive. You guys are color geniuses. Your hands will make impressive works of art!


Most games use the mouse to control and this game is no exception. You can also tap the screen directly if using smart mobile devices.