Tiny Fishing

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Addictive gameplay of Tiny Fishing

Join Tiny Fishing to play as a fisherman. The game requests you to catch as many valuable fishes as possible, meet the target and move to the next level.

You will enjoy the fantastic game and try your best to catch a lot of fish, so you may earn money and gold coins.

Your work is not too challenging, which is similar to Retro Bowl, Monkey Mart, and Sonic exe. To catch more fish, you must lower the hook and move it around. First of all, you are only allowed to catch two fish. Once you have amassed enough cash, you can use it to increase the quantity of fish you can catch at once. To upgrade, you need to select the Max Fish button. Additionally, you should progressively increase the fishing line's depth. You will catch more valuable fish if you cast farther. You may quickly accumulate enough money with their assistance to increase the quantity of fish and the length of the fishing line. Keep in mind that each improvement will cost more money over time. Good luck!

How to play

You will use the left mouse to play. Hold the left mouse to move the fishing rod.