Wood Dice Merge

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About Wood Dice Merge

Wood Dice Merge is a game of arranging colorful dice. The classification process is a very important step. Be flexible and decide at the right time to win.

The dice will have many faces with numbers increasing from 1 to 6. In Wood Dice Merge the dice are beautifully designed to cause excitement for players. The dice are delicate combinations. The only space is a narrow playground. The destination will be captured by you. What you need to do is try to get yourself the highest score.

Explore the game

Leveling rules

Limit your area to a chessboard with an area of 5x5 small squares. The dice will be pushed up one by one in the positions you choose for them. It can be 1 dice or 2 dice max. For 2 dice, you can rotate as you like while the dice are still in the square area below the chessboard. Once the dice have been placed on the board you will no longer be able to change their position or rotate them.

The art of playing games

Do not require too much skill and professionalism to roll the dice here. We just need to master the rules of making bigger dice from smaller ones. It is necessary to combine at least 3 small dice to form 1 larger dice. We can understand the combination formula simply as follows:

  • 3 1-button dice = 1 2-button dice
  • 3 2-button dice = 1 3-button dice
  • 3 3-button dice = 1 4-button dice
  • 3 4-button dice = 1 5-button dice
  • 3 5-button dice = 1 6-button dice

The maximum combination of only the largest dice is 6 buttons. When this number is exceeded, the last dice created is a five-color dice. The five-color dice will be generated by the combination of 3 6-button dice. This can be the dice to save you when you are about to fall into the most dangerous situation. So, the attractive step from 3 iridescent dice creates you can play and experience this surprise yourself!


Use the mouse to place the dice and rotate the dice pairs