Yeti Sensation

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Some things about Yeti Sensation

Yeti Sensation offers a fantastic run with a chimpanzee. You must navigate your character to avoid obstacles and run the longest distance to collect berries.

In this game, if you do not manage to dodge the several big traps that will be set up along the track in time, your chimpanzee will be seized. There are some reasons that make the chimpanzee catch. Firstly, a rolling stone will also crush it, if you do not avoid them. Besides, the chimpanzee will trip over large logs, causing it to stumble. Finally, you must be careful to dodge cages.

Like Sonic exe, 3D Ball Space, and Red Ball 2, you can collect some items on the track. You need to gather berries in this game. You can exchange them to get some items that can support your chimpanzee when running. You can purchase rockets, magnets, jump buttons, etc.

How to play

The A key to turn left.

The D key to turn right.

Or use the arrow keys to control.