Sonic exe

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About Sonic exe

The playing rules of Sonic exe

Sonic exe is a scary adventure game in the Sonic the Hedgehog Series made by Adam Gavigan. Guide a blue hedgehog to evade traps and collect rings.

Play this game now to transform into a creepy version of the blue hedgehog named Exetior. This character comes from a haunted game disc which is about the creature killing the main Sonic characters. He has the same appearance as Sonic. Now, he is on his way to finding a real version and eliminating him.

You will traverse various lands in the world. During the journey, you will encounter numerous enemies such as armadiloids, motobugs, monkey dudes, cactulas, fireworms, and so on. If you accidentally hit them, you will die. One way to protect yourself from them is to collect rings. When you crash into the enemies, you will drop a few rings and won't die. However, when you run out of rings, colliding with opponents will lead to death. Try to collect as many rings as possible to raise your longevity. Another way is to get power-ups from item boxes on the road. If you see any item boxes, jump on them to destroy them to claim power-ups. These power-ups will aid to protect you from the damage of the opponents or run faster. Nevertheless, their effects will disappear right after you hit your enemies. In addition to opponents, you also need to take caution with obstacles on the road. They can be lava, water, and spikes. Hitting them will lead to the end of the adventure. Therefore, you should jump as high as possible to overcome them. You can utilize the jump spring to jump higher and further.

Your objective in this game is to reach the end of each Act in the shortest time and get the highest possible score. To gain a high score, you need to gather as many rings as possible. Try your best to get to the end where the advertisement board is placed. Good luck!

How to control

Press Z or ENTER keys to start the game.

Press Left - Right Arrow Keys to move

Press a Down Arrow Key to sit down

Press a Z or X key to jump

Hold the left mouse button to look up.

Effective tactics to beat Sonic exe

In fact, this game is more difficult than it looks. If you want to win, you need to not only master skills but also build your own strategies. Here are some useful tips I recommend. Hope that they can help you get a victory easily.

  • Jump whenever the opportunity arises. This will help you dodge obstacles and enemies or take out rivals.
  • Avoid confronting the enemies when you run out of rings.
  • Don't roll too fast. If you roll too fast, you can collide with enemies or traps easily.
  • You can see sparkling checkpoint markers along the way. They are portals that take you to bonus stages. Therefore, you should not ignore them.
  • Try to find giant golden rings which take you to the special stage. In this stage, you can see a UFO holding a Chaos Emerald. Attempt to collect seven Chaos Emeralds.

Noteworthy information about Sonic exe

All enemies you have to confront

During the journey, you will meet many opponents. Although they will not actively attack you, you can die if you collide with them. Here are some rivals who commonly appear along the way. You should watch out for them.

  • Crabmeats: They have red cephalothoraxes with gray underbellies. Besides, they have four gray and short legs and two gray arms like cables. Each arm has large and round pincers. You will meet them when you go through the red rivers. They will jump from the river suddenly and hit you.
  • Motobugs: They have round red body armor with vents covering their backs and blue faces. Additionally, they have short arms with yellow forearms and a single claw at the tip. They go from the caves and move from left to right and vice versa. If you jump on their head, they will fly away and you will score 100 points.
  • Dragonflies: They are robotic insects with pink armor. They have two pairs of transparent wings, so they often fly in the sky. You can collide with them when you jump. Therefore, you look up at the sky before deciding to jump.
  • Poh-Bees: They are upgraded Buzz Bomber models. Their abdomens have one or two black maces. When they fly, these maces will swing and hit you.

Playable maps

In this game, you have to traverse many lands. Each land features a distinct terrain and obstacles. Here are some dominant maps in the game.

  • Hill Zone: The terrain of this map is like a plateau featuring short mountains and massive mountains, giant peaks, and tight paths, sloping cliffs, and so on. Moreover, the hill of this horror map features blood rivers which bring you a frightening feeling. Furthermore, you can see a series of dark, brown caves. Insects will come from them. Therefore, you should be careful whenever you get close to them.
  • Creepy Garden: It is the second map in this game. It is located on the Floating Island and has the ruins of an ancient civilization spoken of in legends. These ruins are covered by large amounts of vegetation. In particular, the sky is red, which creates a scary feeling for you.
  • Yard Creepy: It is the third map in the game. When entering the map, you need to run on the path which is made from many visible neon signs. Some words such as COPE, CPU, ON, and UP are shown on them. After that, you will start to run on a road located in a kind of amusement park. It is made of orange-maroon metal. Along the way, you can see colorful and sparkling lights. When going further, you can see the silhouettes of city buildings and purple mountains. Like the previous map, this map also features a red sky.

Developer and Platform

This game is a fan-made game in the Sonic the Hedgehog Series which was created by Adam Gavigan. It was first released on 13 August 2012. It is available in the web browser and played on the PC.