Drive Mad

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About Drive Mad

In the exhilarating 3D driving game Drive Mad, players must negotiate perilous terrain. The objective of Drive Mad is challenging since players must maneuver a truck at high speed on a chaotic track while dodging obstacles without flipping it. With amazing acrobatics and creative obstacles, this game will put your control abilities to the test. To finish safely, players must maintain their speed. The enormous wheels on your vehicle will first make barriers easier to get around. But before long, it will simply overturn your car. Your car may be damaged by the flip. In order to avoid becoming tired of driving the same truck for 100 levels, players can choose a different vehicle to drive in each level. Complete every level to take first place!

A wonderful game that exercises patience is Drive Mad (Fancade). It was created by the excellent game designer Martin Magni: "Games were created by a geek. He developed and made "significant" attempts. He creates more games after failing! ". One of the more than 100 games and challenges on Google Play and Quest is Drive Mad. There are 100 stages in this game based on the Drive Classic (which only has 15 levels). All ages are drawn to Drive Mad. It is compatible with tablet computers, mobile phones, and desktop computers.

How to Play

  • Playing Drive Mad is simple, but you must keep a constant eye on the track to prevent the truck from flipping over. Be cautious!
  • To advance, press W, D, X, the Up arrow, Right arrow, or Mouse Click.
  • To go backward, press the S, A, Z, Down arrow, or Left arrow keys.
  • Never forget that your car will break if you flip it, rendering it useless as a vehicle.

Who conceptualized Drive Mad?

Drive Mad was developed and created by Fancade employee Martin Magni.