Stabfish 2

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About Stabfish 2

Stabfish 2 is a fighting game between fishes in the deep ocean. A lightless place is rife with enemy surveillance. You can be killed at any time.

Developed with more features and interesting features from StabFish io. Stabfish 2 contains more enemies and more items, .... You can fight in single or team mode. You will become more professional after each failure. No opponent can defeat you.

Learn the game Stabfish 2

The evolution of the fish

After each kill by an enemy, you will evolve to the next level. Each level of evolved fish inherits a strong dominant gene. Your fish will be able to evolve through 3 levels. Show maturity through time and combat experience:

  • Level 1: small blue Ration fish with the ability to recover 25% of your stamina.
  • Level 2: Blue Ration II fish with the ability to recover 50% of your stamina.
  • Level 3: the orange fish Mega Bite with 2 outstanding abilities Accelerates swimming speed and Bites nearby enemies in front of you with a huge set of fangs.

After stabbing enemies to death, they will stick to the tip of your sword. They are not dead yet. You must manipulate the point of the sword containing the enemy into the wall and they will die.

Combat Rank

You should perform the tasks regularly. Fight a lot to gain glorious combat powers and be able to be on the regularly updated battle list.

Plan list function

There will be a bunch of schemes to be discovered. Made up of many different materials. You will be the one to put them together and create great plans. Many rewards for attractive successful plans.

In-game events

Many events are held hourly and daily. You can join solo or with a team to be able to win a place in this event leaderboard.


Use the mouse to move. Move faster with the green energy marker at the bottom right of the screen.