StabFish io

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About StabFish io

The free io game StabFish io lets you play as a dangerous sea creature. Join a group of fish with deadly tusks in a multi-player battlefield and kill your share of prey while avoiding the sharp end of another player's stabber. Collect the fish like prizes, eat food to get a boost, and rule the sea.

How do you play

If you eat food, you can get bonuses and a better score. Attack other fish from the side and behind to kill them. Each kill adds length to your tusk. When your tusk is long enough, you can hit with more confidence.

The more fish you hit, the more points you'll get. Each fish body on your skewer will be a sign of how dangerous and fierce you are.

Strategy: Best Tips and Tricks

  • Strong skins Unlock powerful StabFish io skins. Missions to unlock Megalodon and the Kraken are in the shark menu. Hover over silhouettes for descriptions.
  • Chain bonuses: Each multiplayer character has a colored circle around it. Target teammates for a chain bonus. Chain bonuses require more kills with higher-tier weapons.
  • Kill streak: Killing numerous players quickly earns you a stackable bonus. This can raise your score fast.
  • Random occurrences: During the game, pop-up bonuses appear. Kills multiplied 1.5x. Eliminating players earns bonus points during the random event bonus. Use these events fast!


  • Aggressive stab-or-be-stabbed gameplay
  • Kill foes and eat food to improve score and meter.
  • Advantages from random bonuses
  • Upgrade your fish and weapons with achievements.


This game debuted in February 2020.

Who made StabFish io?

Zytech AI created this game.


StabFish io was made by Zytech AI.


  • PC
    Move with your mouse.
    Speed up with left mouse button.
  • Mobile
    Swipe direction.
    Double-tap to boost