Sonic The Hedgehog

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Special things about Sonic The Hedgehog

The rules

Sonic The Hedgehog will take you to wonderful lands where you can collect as many golden rings as possible. Evade obstacles and reach the destination soon.

This game will bring you a relaxing and unforgettable time. You need to press the enter or Z key to start the game. Then, in this game, you will take control of Sonic who has super-fast legs. Take advantage of your quick-run ability to overcome all the obstacles and enemies on the road. Then, go to the advertisement board and finish the level. You can get high jumps and run quickly to avoid and defeat your enemies. Try to collect as many rings as possible to protect yourself from your opponent's attack and get a high score. When you crash into enemies, you will lose your rings and earn a number of new rings. Therefore, if you don't have any rings, you will die after touching your obstacles. You will have 3 lives. If you run out of all these lives, you will lose the game. Remember that Sonic can not show his maximum power when he is under the water. He also can not stop immediately when running at a high speed.

After you finish a level, you can level up and go to the next map. There are 7 maps in this game. Remember that time is so important. You need to finish the level in a short time to get as many scores as possible. Enjoy your adventure and become the fastest one. If you are keen on this game, what about checking Sonic exe, Run 3, Subway Surfers New Orleans, and Ski Slopes on our website?

How to control

  • Computer

Press the Z or ENTER key to start the game

Press the Z or X key to jump up

Use the ARROW keys to move

  • Mobile phone

Hold or tap on your screen to play

Noteworthy information about Sonic The Hedgehog

All the levels on the map

This game brings you 7 maps with many levels. It includes the green hill zone, the marble zone, the spring yard zone, the labyrinth zone, the starlight zone, the scrap brain zone, and the final zone. Each map will have 3 levels with intensified difficulties and various enemies. Your enemies are so strong, and they have many special skills. They can fly, jump, run, crawl, shoot, block your road, and so on. Especially, in the last levels, you need to defeat the monster boss. The background and terrain of each level are also different. You will have some adventure on hills, near lava, palaces, underwater, in space, and in factories.

The enemies in the game

This game has a variety of enemies. During the game, you need to overcome many enemies. You will encounter some enemies such as Ball Hog, Batbrain, Burrobot, Caterkiller, Crabmeat, Roller, Jaws, Moto Bug, and Spikes. Moreover, at the last of each map, you need to deal with the enemy bosses. They are more dangerous and more difficult to defeat. In particular, you need to face Egg Wrecker in the green hill zone, Egg Scorcher in the marble zone, Egg Stinger in the spring yard zone, Egg Mobile in the labyrinth zone, Egg Spiker in the starlight zone, and Egg Crusher in the final zone. Each enemy will have its own power and ability. Certainly, they will become your difficult obstacles.