Subway Surfers New Orleans

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Some missions in Subway Surfers New Orleans

Participate in Subway Surfers New Orleans to get a variety of fresh adventures. You must help the boy get away from the pursuit of the police and get coins.

You will change into a boy, named Jack, who is being pursued by the police because he has drawn graffiti on the subway. Your goal is to assist him to escape. The chase in this game is really fierce. You will be caught if you fall or bump into anything. You need to navigate your character to overcome trains, hop over obstacles, dodge carriages, and figure out how to escape the police's pursuit. The chases in the game are highly intensive because the challenges increase. In addition, a large number of obstructions make the game more difficult. Therefore, you must be careful to escape. If you fall or strike something, you may be caught.

What's more, do not miss the gold coins on the subway. Collect them to select other characters in the shop. You also purchase other items and upgrades to complete the game easily. Like Sonic exe, Fall Down Party, and Hexa Cars, this game is available on our web for you to try.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to control.