Fall Down Party

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Some principles of Fall Down Party

Fall Down Party is an entertaining running game. Control your stickman character to run into the requested tile on the playing field and become the winner.

In this game, you will face off against several opponents. Now, let's start the game. There will be 12 distinct tiles on the playing field. You will navigate and stick to sprint as quickly as possible to the tile bearing the requested image. This requested image will be shown on the square which is held by the girl. Make an effort to run and stand in the appropriate square once the image on her square shows.

You try to become the last to stay on the playing field to pass the level and receive a lot of dollars. If you fall before others, the game is over. You also use your money to purchase some hats for your character. If you love the running game, there are some available games for you, like Sonic exe, Squid Game.io, and Electron Dash.

How to play

Use the mouse to control.