Only Up

2 votes 4.5/5

Only Up is an amazing 3D action game. Explore the world in a vast space full of mysteries. Graphics are a strong point that makes this game so attractive.

Explore the virtual reality 3D universe

Your mission is to reach new heights through relentless leaps. Your ultimate destination? The cosmic expanse where a majestic spaceship awaits. Yet, achieve this cosmic feat demands mastery of your jumping prowess, a task that awaits your deft touch.

Navigating a World of Precision and Skill

The path to the stars is paved with everyday objects, each with its unique properties. Some objects boast expansive surfaces, facilitate effortless jumps, while others, like small surfaces or spheres, present a formidable challenge. Adapting your force and jump trajectory with finesse is the key to surmounting these hurdles.

Taking Charge of Your Journey

Harness control over your destiny using either the arrow keys or the WASD configuration to maneuver your character. Initiating a leap is as simple as pressing the spacebar. As you conquer the heights of Only Up, your newfound skills may beckon you to delve into the world of parkour.

Guiding Jackie's Odyssey from Slums to Skies

At the heart of this game lies a poignant narrative a young boy's aspirations to transcend his humble beginnings within the slums. In his fervent pursuit of prosperity, he takes to the skies, navigating a path adorned with objects that increase in value as he ascends. However, beware the perilous descent, a single misstep could unravel your progress. While your character remains unscathed, the fruits of your earlier endeavors will dissolve. Immerse yourself in the inspiring tale of Jackie's journey as you explore the enchanting realm of Only Up.