Squid Game.io

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Some mechanics of Squid Game.io

Participate in Squid Game.io to enjoy an attractive run. You have to control your character to reach the finish line in the allotted time without being shot.

Hexa Cars, iScribble.IO, and this game allow many people to join. You will play as the character wearing the green suit in this game and attempt to complete each level. You must pay attention to the light in the screen's upper right corner. When the light turns green, you must keep moving forward to keep up with your rivals. When the red light turns, you do not run unless you will be shot. The big girl will observe all of you closely, so do not act anymore. Missing your opportunity to move could prevent you from crossing the finish line in time. You can see how much time is left in the top left corner of the screen. Try to complete it before the time runs out. Additionally, there are numerous hidden obstacles, like spikes, and boxes that cause you to lose. Take caution to avoid them. You also can play Sonic exe to enjoy.

How to control

Use the W key or the up arrow key to play.