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Some exciting information about iScribble.IO

Welcome to iScribble.IO and enjoy controlling a color line. You must navigate your line to clean other lines and become the last to stay on the playing field.

You can control your square on the playing field to draw the longest line. Additionally, you have to notice that many other people are sketching similarly to you. To catch them, you must set up some traps that will cause them to strike your line. As a result, they will be trapped, and then they will be cleaned. It is claimed that the game's gameplay is straightforward, making it suited for all players. You can enjoy the game by inviting some buddies to play. You can express your stress and improve your drawing skills by playing the game.

Additionally, you might lose focus when playing, but your rivals will not. They can create some traps to beat you. Finally, join Sonic exe, Smarty Bubbles, and Minecraft Online to practice your skills and become a master.

How to play

Use the mouse to move.