Electron Dash

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Some fantastic information about Electron Dash

Welcome to Electron Dash to discover a neon tube with an astronaut. You must try to help him to run the longest distance, avoid gaps and collect many hearts.

In this game, an endless race tube awaits you. You must command your astronauts and start exploring this tube that is placed in space. It may rotate to let you run on any of its surfaces. However, you will face numerous difficulties. You can fall at any time because of the unstable tiles. Therefore, you must take caution to avoid the different tiles. Additionally, you can encounter deadly laser beams. In order to protect yourself, flee from them. The W key or Space bar can be used to hop over the tube's several large gaps. To get through the traps, you should combine two keys. Finally, try to jump high and far to overcome many gaps. As a result, you can avoid falling out of the tube.

Additionally, like Skate Hooligans, and Shell Shockers, gather as many hearts as you can on the tube to get more turns. You also play Sonic exe to relax.

How to play

Use WASD keys to play.