Shell Shockers

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Some fantastic information about Shell Shockers

Shell Shocker offers some experiences about an intensive gunfight among egg characters. You have to use contemporary weaponry to combat and eliminate others.

In this first-person perspective shooter game, the character you will control is the egg. You take on the role of a ferocious egg that enters the arena and is given a shotgun. A real-time game's battles with players from around the globe are one of its features. Let's participate in the exciting game to gauge your performance and endurance. Additionally, the more eggs you can shoot, the more points you receive. So, let's try your best to win.

It can be clearly seen that the game has been very successful when it comes to bringing extremely realistic experiences. Beautiful graphics and vivid sound are great features of the game. There are many great shooting games for you, like Winter Clash 3D, 1v1 LOL, Sonic exe.

How to control

WASD keys to move.

Left mouse to shoot.

Spacebar to jump.

Shift to aim.

E to change weapons.

R to reload.

Q to launch a grenade.