Run 3

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The facts about Run 3

Run 3 is an amusing running game, where you can enjoy an endless tunnel. You have to navigate the alien to dodge big gaps and run the longest distance.

You can run on any tunnel surface, regardless of the shape of the tunnel, which can be hexagonal, octagonal, or square. The tunnel also contains tiles of various hues which pose serious risks. You must take caution since they will fall immediately once you enter. So let's leap up or turn left, turn right into other surfaces of the tunnel. In addition, you will face a tunnel filled with numerous gaps. In order to jump through, you must hold down the Space key for a long time to jump high and far. If you cannot do that, you will fall into space.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.

The game mode of the game

You can select the Adventure mode if you are keen on exploration and adventure. This game mode gives the tunnel a terrific feeling of atmosphere. The next mode is infinite. There is no level in this game mode, and you will run in an endless tunnel. Finally, you can play with anyone online in the Online mode. After finishing the game, you can join Sonic exe, Subway Surfers New Orleans, and Squid Game.io.