2K Shoot

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2K Shoot is an extremely attractive thinking puzzle shooting game. You will train your brain and reflexes while playing this game. Start the challenge now! Your objective is to shoot and merge number balls for an exciting gameplay experience.

The game offers three special features

  • Bomb: This power-up destroys all balls in its vicinity, providing a satisfying blast effect.
  • Blade: Activate the Blade to slice through balls in its path, clearing a way for your strategy.
  • Lightning: Unleash the Lightning power-up to obliterate an entire line of balls. It's especially handy when you find yourself stuck!

Creativity when combining two game genres

With lovely graphic design, the game is not only entertaining for children but also appealing to thinking game enthusiasts. The gameplay of this game blends the popular puzzle game 2048 and the thrilling bubble shooter genre, creating a unique and unexpected combo gameplay. Get yourself a smart brain and experience new and exciting puzzles in this mind game. The special thing in this game is a perfect creative combination of two completely different gameplay. You have the ability to shoot bubbles just like in bubble shooter games. And you can also experience a way of thinking like playing 2048. This innovative gameplay is sure to make players extremely addictive to play.