Aircraft Flying Simulator

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About Aircraft Flying Simulator

Aircraft Flying Simulator is a virtual airplane control game. The planes are simulated in lifelike detail. The feeling of flying a plane is extremely realistic.

The practice will help you become a real pilot. Imagine you are a professional pilot. Your task is to direct the plane into the wide sky, safely piloting it from take-off until landing on the runway.

Discover the work of a pilot

Aircraft control method

The starting point is to take off from below the runway. It seems simple, but you should get used to the steering wheel when starting. Completing the first location will give you access to other airports on the map.

Upgrade the plane

You will have an initial support amount. After that will get other bonuses. You can use it to upgrade to newer planes.


  • Beautiful plane graphics, maps, and spaces bring a sense of immersion when playing
  • Controls are light, smooth, and easy to get used to
  • Realistic sounds.


Use the arrow keys and mouse to control the plane