Angry Gran

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About Angry Gran

The hammer-wielding grandmother in the Angry Gran game is back. Angry Gran fans will adore this infinite arcade game. This game lets you manage our favourite grandmother and navigate the streets. She can't run, jump, or evade, but she can destroy with her massive hammer! Collect coins and smash the crazy obstacles and streetwalkers in this game.

Granny has a checkpoint every time she walks. Drop the furious gran hammer and earn coins to achieve this checkpoint. After the first checkpoint, the cash value increases and you must continue. You must start over if you don't attain the cash value.

Its mechanics and advancement are great. Ace guy made an entertaining game with upgrades. After each run, she can buy these upgrades. Use upgrades to travel further or angry gran will run out of stamina.

First, statistical enhancements. Improve angry gran's strength, recuperation, and boost discount. Second, enhancements vary. Gran advances through the streets with a foot massage, energy drink, and jail card. Finally, skateboards, rubber chickens, and lightsabers! Angry Gran can travel farther and crush more people with different clothes and weapons.

If you miss a swing, you may damage your back, lose your hammer, or even end up in a wheelchair. Hitting the cops will result in a brief straitjacket, so don't. Angry Gran!

Slide over park benches and cardboard boxes with grandma. This chaotic game has numerous barriers, but grandma's weapon can smash them all. Take angry gran through the streets and collect money. She plots her escape.

Release Date

June 2019


Ace Viral is the company that created Angry Gran.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Swing with left mouse button. Hold and release the button to swing powerfully.