Angry Shark: Miami

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About Angry Shark: Miami

He's skinny, rude, and irritable! Angry Shark: Miami puts you in a feeding frenzy!

How come? We think he's starving. He's also being hunted by a small police force. Wild, Angry Shark's enormous, angry guppy devours The Magic City. Angry Shark says Magic City.

Playing instructions

He will eat fish, private jets, and nearly anything else within 100 yards. Avoid mines and police helicopters. They will ruin his appetite! Help the shark turn the city into his own buffet before nasty people consign him to the "Great Huge Chum Bucket in the Sky"?

Unlockable characters and achievements are also available. See what happens when the shark's angrier marine mates join him in Florida.

Miami's "Angry Shark" game instructions?

Sharks is an engaging game. Help the Angry Shark cross Miami by eating everything he sees. Additionally monitor blood pressure. Without money, his business will fail!


  • Left-arrow swimming reverses.
  • Right-arrow swim forward.
  • Jump and swim with up.
  • Dive with the Down Arrow.
  • Bite with spacebar.