Balance Tower

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About Balance Tower

Balance Tower is a cascading game. You will create houses with beautiful European designs. You will be delighted when the buildings are completed.

Subtle observations and precise calculations will create solid structures over time. All will form your reflexes when playing continuously. You will never see a house with such perfect construction. It's your design. Be proud of it.

Balance Tower is fun for you

In-game stacking method

Each level will have a regulation on the number of floors to be stacked. The floors will get smaller and smaller as you go higher. Until the roof is only the size of a chimney. When stacking to the last floor, this time the last roof will be overlapped. That means you have won.

Try to keep your balance in the game

The floors will be moved back and forth on a crane. Make sure you watch it properly when you reach the middle, drop it down. In turn, on the following floors, you will also drop into the same position as you first. If there is too much deviation between floors, the building will not stand and fall. You will lose.


Use the mouse to arrange the floors