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BAPBAP is a fast-paced fighting game. You and your teammates need to fight hard and work together to be able to join forces to rise to the top.

Developer and Release Date

BAPBAP is an incredible creation developed by the talented team at BAPBAP. The game was first launched in April 2023 on major gaming platforms and websites. Since then, it has undergone updates and improvements to enhance the player experience, with the latest update arriving in June 2023.

Red Team vs. Blue Team

Prepare to join one of the two rival teams: the Red Team or the Blue Team. Your objective is clear - annihilate the opposing team members while working together with your allies to secure victory. The dynamic gameplay keeps you engaged and at the edge of your seat as you unleash your character's skills and lead your team to glory.


To ensure your success in the intense battles, you must master your character's controls. Move swiftly across the map using the WASD keys. Utilize the left-click, Q, E, and Space controls to deploy your character's powerful abilities. Interaction with in-game objects is possible with the F key. Additionally, the right-click, V, and Y keys serve for pinging, emoting, and locking the camera, enhancing your communication and gameplay.