Battleships Armada

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About Battleships Armada

Battleships Armada is a fighting game between ships in the distant ocean. The survival of these warships depends on you. Fight hard to protect them.

Sea battles are all about real naval combat experience. When you come into direct contact with the game you will feel it. The ships will obey your control. Make way for them, guide them in the right way.

Rules in the game

Battle mode

There are 3 battle modes in the game:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Difficult

Start with easy mode to get used to the game. You will arrange the ships in turn from different sizes:

  • Ship 5X (1 pcs)
  • Ship 4X (1 pcs)
  • Ship 3X (2 pcs)
  • Ship 2X (1 pcs)

Select the train location you want. Rotate the train if you don't like the direction given earlier. Select the "V" on the top right corner of the screen to confirm. Or choose the automatic mode next to the game to install for you.

Join the battle

The ships will be hidden on the sea map. Each side will get 3 bullets. Select the location you want to shoot. The positions that hit the target, will show a red "X" and there will be smoke rising. It was part of the enemy ship. Continue to fire nearby rounds to destroy all enemy ships. That's when you get the win. Be a wise sailor. Be confident in your abilities.

For Battleships Armada is purely a virtual battleship war. Every element of loss and sacrifice would not be a cause for concern. Make use of your bullets and hit the enemy target. Don't worry about the time limit of the game. Battleships Armada has no time limit, so keep playing with enthusiasm. We always support you.


  • Click to choose the location to place the ship or choose the location to drop bullets
  • Double-click to rotate the ship