Bullet Pond

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Dive into Bullet Pond and Explore

Bullet Pond is an exciting, thrilling shooting game. You will play as a frog and you need to chase away the annoying birds before your oxygen supply runs out.

In this aquatic escapade, you assume the role of a pint-sized frog. Faced with pesky avian intruders, you take the plunge into the pond. Armed with a trusty gun, your objective is to fend off these avian nuisances and restore peace to your watery domain. Swim diligently in search of the birds' legs, continuously peppering them with your shots until they take their leave. Beware of lurking crabs, as they pose a threat to your safety. Eliminate them swiftly before they draw too close. Keep in mind that your oxygen is limited, and once it's depleted, your froggy adventure comes to an untimely end. To extend your breath-holding capabilities, be sure to gather air bubbles along the way. Additionally, keep an eye out for various weapons strewn across your underwater playground, don't hesitate to snatch them up. If you fancy a change of weaponry, these are the tools to help you do so. Dive into the game and prepare for an aquatic thrill!


  • Utilize the arrow keys for movement.
  • Engage a dash by pressing the spacebar.
  • Fire your weapon using the left mouse button.
  • Scroll the mouse wheel to switch between available weapons.