Cafe 3 in a Row

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About Cafe 3 in a Row

Cafe 3 in a Row is a fun game where you have to line up three items in a row to move on to the next level.It's a new, story-driven take on the standard "3 in a Row" style of mahjong. The hundreds of levels and simple, clear graphics will give your eyes a long break and work your brain.Find and put together three matching items so that they go well with each other. Once three items that are the same have been matched, they are taken off the stack to make room for more matches.- You lose if you don't match all the possible combinations of all the goods.- To pass the level, match and remove all the items.

How to play

Match tiles on the playfield. Place each on the bar. Let the first three tiles go. Select and remove more tiles. Use boosts. Return to the tale sometimes to discover more about the game.

Release Date

January 2023


  • Clicking on each tile with the mouse allows you to choose three tiles that all display the same thing.
  • Tap each individual tile on your mobile device to select three of them.