Cafe Panic

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About Cafe Panic

Cafe Panic is a coffee shop business game. You will become an employee of a coffee shop. Your job is to satisfy every customer who enjoys coffee here.

The game is a story about a girl who loves her little cats very much. But the money to feed them is not enough. As she was upset over the matter, a letter was suddenly stuffed into the gap in her door. After finding out all the problems, she went to the place suggested in the letter. It's a nice little cafe. They need hard-working staff to serve the restaurant. Then you will have more income to feed your lovely cats

Joy in Cafe Panic

Business expansion

You will start work at the coffee shop in the first area. When you complete all levels, you will be able to open more shops in locked locations. Each time you play, you will consume 5 energy points. If you run out of energy, you won't be able to continue playing until it recovers.

Customer service

Every customer who comes to the shop will have a satisfaction index column on top along with a smiley face image. You will receive a drink order from them and you will make them. Serve customers while they still have a high satisfaction rating. If not served promptly they will leave. Each day of service, you will be specified the service time and the number of successful customers. If you do not meet the conditions you will receive fewer stars for a level or may lose.

Upgrade in the game

The reputation of your cafe will be enhanced day by day thanks to new equipment upgrades. Speed up and create newer drinks and dishes. Some devices sometimes, due to long-term use, will cause some unexpected damage. Need you to click on it for timely recovery. Avoid letting your customers get impatient while waiting.


Use the mouse to make your coffee shop business grow more and more