Cargo Ship

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About Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship is a game about a small cargo ship. This small ship can hold quite a large amount of cargo. Please protect the cargo on board carefully!

The development of container ship product technology is growing rapidly in many countries. It can be said that the ship in the game is the latest generation. Its capacity can be increased continuously. Claim the title of the best ship in the game!

Details in the game

Cargo on the vast sea

The surrounding areas of the coast will be covered by white clouds. The first thing to do is to collect the red containers in front. When the boat is full of red parcels keep going forward and put them in the sell position. Get the yellow parcels by your side and keep opening the seas obscured by clouds and other places in the larger countries. You will probably go to New York, Washington, Bahamas,.... and many other countries.

The packages will have many different colors: red, yellow, green, and blue, ... Each color will have a separate gold price. When you collect a lot of gold you can proceed to upgrade the width, height, or speed of the ship. The benefit of the upgrade is that you can increase the cargo capacity and carry different colored packages. After the upgrade is complete, press the back button with the arrow button on the top left of the screen to return to the sea.

You can use the minimap to expand your view across the vast ocean. There will be many treasure chests everywhere. The rewards received in each chest will be extremely large. So please take a few seconds to watch the ad to open it. This is the method for you to have a lot of money and expand the sea in the fastest way.

Collect diamonds to unlock the ancient land of Atlantis that disappeared centuries ago. Getting these diamond-shaped stones is not easy. You will have the corresponding items to exchange them. Solve these puzzles and become the master of the sea.


Use the mouse in combination with the keyboard to move the ship to explore the world!